Minutes of Lancing Community  Panel

Monday 24th September 2018 at 7.00 p.m.

Present:  Peter Backus, Brenda Collard, Pam Davey, Cllr Gloria Eveleigh, Ann Goodridge, David Hansford Chr, Stephanie Scott. ( 7 )

Apologies:  Collin Goodridge, Sidney Hilsum, Maurice Lee, Doris & Steve Martin, Robbin Monk, Wendy Peters, Dinah Wheatley. ( 8 )


David Hansford welcomed every one to the the meeting, apologies for absence were made the minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Burglaries : April :

Worthing Court Cases

These were available at the meeting and passed round, with Tim Drew's NHW Herald Notes.

Chairman's Report

(DH) reported on his attendance at various meeting and events.

13th June - 5th September NHW – Lewes

 20th July - 7th September  Keep Lancing Safe – Parish Hall

19th June - 17th July - 18th September - Joint Action Group

4th July -Churchill Ward Street Survey results

News from Councillers

Gloria Eveleigh leader of Lancing Parish Council gave a briefing on the progress on the regeneration of Monks Recreation Ground, also reporting on the damage to the Toilet Block at the ground.

Matter Arising

Development Monks New Farm – Revised plans were discussed – Planning Meeting 4th October.

Web site

Our site is viewable at www.lancingnhw.org.uk  You can view Minutes of our meetings with numerous links to other sites. A demonstration was given on where to locate the local crime  statistics.


Scam Books, NHW membership application Forms & Window Stickers & Halloween Posters were available at the meeting.

Meeting concluded at 20:30                                 Date of next meeting: 21st January 2019

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