Minutes of Lancing Community  Panel

Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

Present: Peter Backus, Cllr Ann Bridges, Cllr Douglas Bradbury, Pam Davey, Pam Gavin, Anne Goodridge, Colin Goodridge, David Hansford, PCSO Jamie Honywood,, Mrs D.Merican, (10 present )

Apologies: Mr A.E.Banks, Mumin Elshahri,Tony Fisher,Liz Hayward, Mairice Lee, Doris Martin, Caroline Pusey ,(7)


David Hansford welcomed every one to the the meeting, apologies for absence were made and minutes of the last meeting were presented.

Report by PCSO Jamie Honywood:

Jamie gave a summary of the current situation, it is now 2 ½ months since the changes in operations took place, he left Lancing Police Station 9 week ago and now is based at Chatsworth Road Worthing.

Lancing Police Station is still open, Centenary House is to be revamped and a new building is to built further back on the site.

Seven PCSO's will be starting in August and front offices will still be open in Shoreham & Worthing.

More Patrols have been carried since the changeover & you still have the neighbourhood policing team.

The boundaries covered are Worthing Horsham Shoreham.

The six officers  assigned to Lancing have gone and there are no bike patrols or school visits

(only one Officer for 40 Schools).

There is now more paperwork than ever

The main method of communication will now be by email, but a period of settlement is coming

Chairman's Report

Our Web site is now under construction and can be viewed at www.lancingnhw.org.uk.

The Worthing Waste tip will be closed on Thurdays & Fridays but the Shoreham site will be open on those day, there will be charges for certain items Building material & tyres £ 4 ea.

Worthing Court cases were available for viewing at the meeting

Phone Scams, watch out as some call are showing false number on caller display phones.

Beware of the Pharmacy letter being sent out by post, this is not authorised by local Doctors and the firm concerned has been fined  for selling clients details to other firms.

Further  Door Signs were handed out.

Matter Arising

 NHW News Letter

Pam Davey reported that following changes made to the way information is provided to her by the Police with little local Burglary information she has decided that it was no longer worthwhile  to send out the monthly news letter and she will be resigning from NHW, an extraordinary meeting of the committee has  been arranged for the 27th September to consider the situation.

Ikea Lancing

The prospect of  Ikea coming  to Lancing was discussed.

Date of next meeting: Monday 5th December 7pm Lancing Parish Hall, South Hall


The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.     

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