Minutes of Lancing Community  Panel

 Tuesday 28th June 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

Present: Elizabeth Chapman, Pam Davey, Mumin Elshahri, Pam Gavin, Anne Goodridge, Colin Goodridge, David Hansford, Sidney Hilsum, PCSO Jamie Honywood, Doris Martin, Mrs D.Merican, (11 present )

Apologies: Mrs A.E.Banks, Ann Bridges, Helen Bobloz, Tony Fisher, Daren Hollaway, Caroline Pusey ,Katie Walters & Maria Walters (8)


David Hansford welcomed every one to the the meeting, apologies for absence were made and minutes of the last meeting were presented.

Report by PCSO Jamie Honywood:

Jamie congratulated  David on his success in the election for Panel Chairman, 47 votes were cast  with David receiving 77% of the vote with Katie coming second. Brenda was thanked for her work over the past months.

Jamie said his new role was starting and all PCSOs would now be based in Chatsworth Road Worthing, response times for emergencies were expected to be between 4 & 7 minutes and one hour for non emergencies, there would no longer be beat officers but they will still try to patrol & go to Local Events. Adur Worthing Horsham are now all one Policing area with a shared base in Worthing. It is expected that Lancing could get more coverage under the new scheme. Our Local Sergeant  for the last 7 yeas Steve Turner will still bring his local knowledge to the Team. Lancing Police station was still set for sale.

New powers training was ongoing as too many Officers accepted redundancy.

Crime in Lancing

Large fight in Lancing last Friday 24th June.

There has been a rise in anti social behaviour, 27th June  group of girls 14 to 20yrs of age. Please report anything you see.

Halewick Lane Car Theft.

Fight 27th June fight at Train Station.

Number of Bike Thefts.

Willow Brook Park, short cut to Hasslar Estate people jumping over wall. Bronze statue stolen from garden (cost over £400).

Third Edition of The Little Book of Big Scams & Door Signs were handed out.

Chairman's Report

David made a visit to the Tarring Meeting everyone was very enthusiastic those present included Tom Wye,Bob Smitherman & Ian Hart & was chaired by Terry Rickard who has managed to engage all parts of the community.

There had been no progress with the A27 east bound speed board, Doris Martin said she would contact the Highways England to see what progress they are making.

Matter Arising

Pam Davey reported the loss of the NHW monthly news letter,information coming from the Police is now too generic lacking in detail with no specific locations of the crimes being given, no burglaries on the broadcast system. The  NHW committee took the decision today ( 28th June 2016) to stop publication, Pam feels that Neighbourhood Watch is being ignored by the Police, even though sixty percent of NHW members are not on email, so will not benefit from any information coming from Helen Bubloz.

The News Letter was distributed by Pam & Peter Backus to 70 delivery points taking 4 hours, thanks were given to Pam for here efforts over the years. Pam's new email address is pamdavey55@hotmail com.

Some possible solutions : Co-ordinators sign up for the weekly crime reports and print of relevant details for their neighbours, extract Court results for our area  from the Worthing Herald.

Music Festival : No problems very well organised.

Doris Martin suggested that people should be sent to boot camps, also reporting that there had been several attempts to break into her garage

Sid Hilsum felt that no local beat policing would cause problems in the future.

Widewater Car Park opposite shops being used as a race track!

Jumping on Beach Hut roofs.


Date of next meeting: 13th September 7pm Lancing Parish Hall, Council Chambers


The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.     

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